Volunteer Opportunities


Volunteers are critical to the success of Child Development, Inc. Volunteers can be parents and family members of enrolled children; community members; or professionals and non-professionals.

For parentsDad Volunteer of enrolled children, please let your child’s teacher know you are interested in volunteering. You will need to complete the FREE background checks and Disclosure Statement for Volunteers below.  Then submit them to your child’s teacher.


Volunteer Clearance Requirements

All volunteers must obtain an ACT 34—Clearance (Report of Criminal History from the Pennsylvania State Police) and an ACT 151—Clearance (Child Abuse History certification from the Department of Human Services) BEFORE volunteering in any of our centers or administrative office. These volunteer clearances are FREE.

To assist you in this process, click on the links below:

ACT 34 — Criminal History Clearance

ACT 151 — Child Abuse History Clearance

 Federal Criminal History  (FBI fingerprinting) is NOT required for a volunteer as long as the volunteer has been a resident of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for the previous 10 years.

All volunteers must compete and submit an additional form, which can be downloaded by clicking on this link:  Disclosure Statement for Volunteers. This form states that the volunteer swears or affirms in writing that they have been a continuous resident of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years and that they are not disqualified from service based upon a conviction of an offense under §634.

For community members interested in volunteering please call us at 570-544-8959 (or 800-433-3370), Ext. 226.  You can also e-mail us by clicking here to let us know that you are interested in volunteering.

Volunteer Opportunities Available

Center or Classroom:

You can becoVolunteer in circle timeme a volunteer in the center and assist with classroom activities, upkeep and renovation of centers, playground and other similar tasks.  In addition, while volunteering, you can learn more about child development training and potential employment opportunities.  Volunteers may choose to give a few hours of time each month, a few hours of time each day or may volunteer every week.

Office Assistant:

We are alSr volunteers.ways  looking for extra hands to help us in our administrative office with such things as making copies,  laminating,  assembling packets, assisting with mailings and many other projects.


Human Resources at 544-8959 (or 800-433-3370), Ext. 226
or click here to send a message.

If you have any questions, the additional links below might be helpful:

If the above links do not answer your questions regarding Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance, please contact the ChildLine Verification Unit at 717-783-6211 or toll free at 1-877-371-5422.

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